Flawless skin everyday basics

Having good looking radiant skin, is not a thing you can get overnight, but it’s not a complicated one either. It’s a serie of good habits, steps to follow on a daily basis for the best results. Most of these steps may seem very common, and not really important, but they are.

Hygiene :

A very important step that should not be neglected no matter what. Cleaning the skin means allowing it to breath. That includes, taking off your makeup even after a long tiring day is vital for your skin. You can’t just sleep with foundation clogging your pores. During the day,your skin works as barrier and is in direct contact with toxins and polluted air , so cleaning it when you get back home is important.

Use a gentle makeup remover , then wash your face with your favorite cleansing product . Make sure you use the right product for your face to avoid drying out your skin.

A good skin hygiene also includes clean household linen , drying your face with a clean towel in important , it should be changed every two days ideally everyday whenever it gets wet. Sleeping on a dirty dusty pillow will increase clogged pores and breakouts . It is important to keep in mind that strong perfumed detergents can irritate your skin , especially if it is sensitive . Using a gentle detergent is primary .

Exfoliate your skin:

For a thorough exfoliation ,once a week is enough to remove dead skin on the surface, and all the impurities built up along the week. You can also use smooth exfoliant to include in your daily routine. Fruit acids are a good option and safe for use on a day to day basis. Not only it will clean your skin, but it will also brighten and even your skin tone in the long run.

Eat right :

It may be obvious ,but it is something most people don’t give too much thought. If you have a balanced diet, your skin will thank you for it. If your diet is just made out of junk food, do not be surprised if you look dull and lifeless, because after all :” You are what you eat”

Make sure to include fruits and vegetables as well as whole foods in your meals. If you were to make a grocery list for your skin it would look like this :

  • Beta carotene rich foods :

carrots , sweet potatoes , pumpkin .. For protection from outside damage

  • Fatty acids :

Found in fish mainly nuts and eggs , helps your body reduce inflammation , preventing wrinkles and declogging pores.

  • Vitamin C :

an excellent anti oxidant that promotes smooth glowing skin and also helps produce more collagen for firm skin. Vitamin C is found in lemon , pineapple , bell pepper , oranges ,blueberries.

  • Lycopene :

It’s an ingredient that protects the skin from the effects of UV light ,and helps the skin getting brighter and heal better. Lycopene is found in all food with a red hue : tomatoes , grapefruit, watermelon.

  • Vitamine A :

Is an anti-aging , skin repairing agent . It is present in raw greens such as spinach , lettuce and kale.

  • Zinc :

Is the mineral that helps the regeneration of the skin and regulates the production of sebum . It is found in chicken , fish , nuts and whole grains

  • Supplements

that helps the regeneration of the skin and regulates the production of sebum . It is found in chicken , fish , nuts and whole grains


A healthy diet is primordial, but you can also help your body make your skin better by providing more great nutrients, and you can do that by adding supplements to your routine. Use products with selenium, vitamins a ,c ,e and antioxidants .

Drink water :

Our bodies are at the very least 70% water . Which makes hydration a big important step in your journey to flawless skin. Water is vital because it is used to eliminate impurities from our bodies in different ways , from sweat to urines , and the wasted quantity should be regenerated for the process to start again . Drinking little water is unhealthy for all body organs and it will result in dull lifeless dehydrated skin. The recommended amount is still under debate but let’s keep it to 2 liters / 8 glasses a day minimum . If it seems hard to you , you can help by adding beverages such as green tea, which has interesting anti inflammatory and anti cancer properties

Get enough sleep:

Beauty sleep is not a myth it’s real . Lack of sleep will increase production of stress hormones in your body , cortisol mainly , which will in its turn increase inflammation ,leading to blemishes , breakouts on your skin and will make inflammatory skin condition more severe such as psoriasis . Cortisol also breaks down collagen and hyaluronic acid which are important for plump looking skin . When you don’t sleep enough , the skin is unable to recover its moisture and also to repair itself from the damage it had during the day. A good night sleep increases blood flow and give you flush healthy looking skin. Other than that , we all know that a person with puffy eyes  and dark circles does not sleep enough , and who wants that right ?


We talked earlier about inner hydration but let’s not forget about skin hydration by applying hydrating creams or serums. Include in your beauty routine a water based serum to use underneath your makeup before kicking the day to keep your skin hydrated through the day . At night, include a heavy moisturizer as the skin tends to lose more water while sleeping.


Everyone knows by now that excess exposure to sun UV rays is bad for you . Sun may be good for your skin to help with you vitamin D intake , but it can also be a dangerous agent that will ruin not only your skin but your overall health. Sun exposure leads to early wrinkles and ages spots , but  that does not end here : SKIN CANCER . Avoid cancer and sun blemishes by protecting your skin by using sunscreen and by limiting your exposure during certain hours (12pm to 2pm) . Sunscreen should be applied evenly and have a minimum of spf30 . It should be reapplied every two hours if continuous exposure.

Medical attention :

If you happen to have severe acne , or any other skin condition it is best to seek medical treatment before attempting anything on your own .

Follow these simple yet effective tips , and you shall see a breathtaking difference in your skin , do not however expect a miracle in a day or two , the process should take about a month and half to two months  see a noticeable.

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