Road to healthy hair : Natural masks , and homemade shampoo .

When we talk about “getting healthy hair ,” a huge chunk of that work falls to what products we use to maintain our hair .If you ever at thought at some point , I’d love to ditch all the chemicals and every product that will just hurt my hair , chances are you dropped it because you had no idea what to do. Okay , let’s get rid of the junk , but how am I supposed to wash and style my hair ? The answer is pretty obvious MOTHER NATURE  .Growing on trees or straight from the ground , there are so many products you can use for your hair routine


To state the obvious : OILS are the secret .

And here we are definitely not talking about the sold 7 oils  3 minutes masks claiming to repair your hair , because when you’re looking at the ingredients the actual portion of oils included is less than 50% , for the rest it’s just dimethicone which WILL make your hair FEEL better ,but you’re just harming yourself even more .

Let me explain this last point : anything silicone based is like foundation for your hair . Imagine you have scars on your skin and I tell you to use this particular products , it is going to make them disappear in matter of seconds right ? You’re not treating them , you’re just covering them and suffocating your skin . The same goes for dimethicone , it’s basically makeup for your hair .

Getting to the point ; use oils natural oils like coconut oil , olive oil , jojoba oil , avocado oil , grapeseed oil , Argan oil , sesame oil ,broccoli oil ..


The best option would be mixing all of them , and applying them on your hair before showering .

The proper way to apply the oil mixture on your hair :

  • Divide your hair in 6 -8 sections
  • Take about 2 tablespoon of oil for each section , and detangle with your fingers first , then use a large teeth brush , a wooden one preferably .
  • PS : avoid combing wet hair as it promotes breakage , and non-oiled hair tangled hair because you might end up with more hair on your brush than your head .



You can spend hours tracking the ingredient list of dozens of shampoos and still find some unhealthy components in a pseudo clean product , to save you the hassle meet the AYURVEDA WORLD .

Ayurvedic powders are basically plants that are dried and finely grounded . Mostly coming for ancestral Indian routines , secret for their long and beautiful hair .

There are powders who are responsible for the actual washing and cleansing part as they absorb all the grease and dirt built up in your hair such as :

  • Shikakai powder : Rich in saponins ,used in the traditional Indian routine to prevent dandruff and help with hair growth
  • Reetha powder : Loaded with cleansing components
  • Sidr powder : great washing and scalp soothing agent
  • Ghassoul powder : Moroccan cleansing clay

Mixing all these powders all together is the recipe to a great vegan shampoo . You should expect however a rather drying effect , so mixing it with a carrier oil of your choice is a good way to get past it . But if you have already put an oil mask on , you should be fine .

How to use :

When you pick your mix of powders , put in a bowl , mix it with hot water , enough to have a creamy texture , let it cool down ( you don’t want to burn your scalp ) and apply it all over your hair , let it sit for about 10-15 min , and rinse it off .

If there is any powder residue left , once your hair is dry you can just dust it off it should disappear very easily .

Do not expect miraculous results from the first time. You should see a change after a month or so, with shinier more disciplined hair. On the long run, you will have a total reparation of each fiber, in other words the best version of your hair. It is never too late to start having good habits, especially when you see the results.








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